An office at Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull

An office at Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull

Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull is here to help you become yourself again. We can help every kind of client, from individuals to extended families, from children to seniors. We run groups as well as meeting with the community through workshops and educational presentations.

Adolescent Services: The clinicians at MFT3 can work with children experiencing difficulties associated with family stress, divorce, sickness in the family, grief over a loved one, Asperger’s syndrome, managing emotions and expressions of distress, and work collaboratively with psychiatric supports as needed.

Adult Services: MFT3 can assist with marital strife, be it repairing a damaged relationship or working to safely and productively dissolve a union, negotiating post-divorce dynamics, developing parenting plans and custody arrangements, managing anger effectively, depression, anxiety, healing from early or recent trauma, grief over loss, supporting adoptees and adoptive parents with separation and attachment, and empowering individuals to reach personal goals.

Family Services: By coming together in one room with a therapist, families can make strides in dealing with issues that they’ve been unsuccessful in resolving at home.

Brainspotting: The success clients have in trauma recovery with Brainspotting has led us to be a premiere resource in Fairfield County and Connecticut for this very special therapy. Now clients can receive Brainspotting from Emily.


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