After nearly 10 years of serving Trumbull, CT and surrounding communities, helping hundreds of people make their lives more manageable and enjoyable, Katherine Allen, LMFT has completed her relocation to New Hampshire and has closed Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull (MFT3).  You can read Katherine’s statement about this in her blog post here.

While the name “MFT3” may no longer exist as a business entity, the community it served is lucky to still have Katherine’s MFT3 colleagues. Valerie Le Cann JonesEmily Longo, and Mindy Natale are taking over the MFT3 office space and will now practice under the name Fairfield County Family Therapy.  This team will continue to see their existing clients as before, and is dedicated to maintaining the level of professional service that MFT3 provided since 2009.

While the transition housekeeping becomes complete, please rest assured that all e-mail communication sent to the remaining MFT3 team members is now being automatically forwarded to the intended recipients at their new addresses.  Katherine will also continue to receive all messages sent to her at

Katherine thanks everyone–her colleagues present and former, her family, and especially her clients–for making MFT3 the success it has been.  For anyone who is interested, the web site for Katherine’s practice in New Hampshire is Additionally, you can visit Brainspotting with Katherine, focusing on the Brainspotting mode of rapid trauma therapy which Katherine both employs and now trains other therapists to use.