Our Ninth Anniversary!!!

MFT3 is Nine! Today is our ninth anniversary of being a respected mental health resource in the Trumbull/Fairfield area. We are so proud to offer the best we can to all of our trusting clients, and to be able to see such miraculous stories and witness lives change and unfold before us. We are humbled to be of service. We are ever grateful for your choosing us.

Please join us in celebrating this major milestone, and in entering in our tenth year! A full decade!

As always, never hesitate to contact us and ask questions, seek referrals, double check schedules as these do change from time to time. Check out informative links posted on Facebook and on our Blog. We are always adding services and specialties too. Let us know what you need going forward as well.

Nine is a square number, a perfect square. It is one of my favorite numbers as it is my birthday number. Here’s a little fun to help celebrate the milestone, and the number 9.

And seeing as we are celebrating, it is our little crazy kitty SallieMae’s 11th birthday today as well. She is a stinker, and we love her dearly. Happy Birthday to SallieMae too!

For Emily, Betsy, Valerie, Susan and of course me, Katherine, we thank you and can’t wait for the next milestone.

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