MFT3 Quick Updates

Everyone is cheering for our own Betsy Auray to kick some butt this weekend at the New York City Marathon!!! Join us in cheering for her and this amazing effort!

Also, Susan Sherrick is now accepting Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield insurance and Cigna insurance in addition to Husky/Medicaid. Join us in congratulating her on this ability to meet even more clients needs.

Katherine is still at MFT3 3-days a week, Tues-Thurs. Their New Hampshire house is coming along and the process is amazingly exciting. Katherine is still accepting Brainspotting clients at MFT3 due to the much shorter nature of the process.

As always, we are grateful for your choosing us to help navigate life’s twists and turns with you. Enjoy the Fall weather!

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Changes at MFT3

As in all things, changes are happening around the offices of MFT3.

First, Katherine is reducing her hours in CT as she is building a practice in New Hampshire, kTherapy, in Hanover, NH. Katherine will still be in the CT offices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9-6 starting August 8, 2017. She will be in her New Hampshire location on Mondays starting August 14, 2017.

Susan Sherrick, MS, LPC

Susan Sherrick, MS, LPC

With this transition we also are pleased and proud to announce that Susan Sherrick, MS, LPC has joined us at MFT3. Susan brings an amazing skill set to the area. She loves working with kids, parents and families, dealing with trauma, domestic abuse and addiction issues. Susan is also fluent in Spanish, a real bonus for clients in our area. Susan is at the MFT3 offices on Saturdays and some evenings. As need expands so will her availability.

Betsy is also expanding her hours at MFT3. Betsy specializes in couples work, be it repairing and rebuilding relationships or safely and productively dissolving them. She also has a passion for working with teens. Betsy has weekday, evening and Saturday availability.

Valerie is at the MFT3 offices on Thursday evenings and Saturdays. Valerie specializes in assisting women in personal and health transitions, specifically issues dealing with breast and reproductive health. Valerie is also passionate about working with young adults and couples.

And last but not least, Emily is our child therapy expert. Emily also proudly offers Brainspotting therapy for kids and adults, enabling them to move through stuck patches in their lives and to process traumas non-verbally, greatly reducing any re-traumatizing that can come with talking about such tough experiences. Emily is at the MFT3 offices on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

As always we are all deeply grateful for the privilege and opportunity to serve our clients. We are proud to be a 9-year service provider in the area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we may be able to help you and your loved ones.

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Please, please listen to this.

We help so many clients come off of psychopharmaceuticals that are sloppily and carelessly overprescribed. So many.

Please listen to Dr. Kelly Brogan on why everyone needs to think twice before taking another Rx.

008 – Kelly Brogan, MD: A Mind of Your Own

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How Can You Make Sad Fun or Playful?

Emotions are complicated things. (Duh, or else this profession wouldn’t exist). Sometimes stating the obvious is necessary to get to the next place, like the ability and need to have simultaneous emotions roiling around together. Like Fun, playful and sad.

My husband is friends with a pretty incredible man, Bernie DeKoven, also known as “Major Fun”. Bernie works tirelessly to make fun and playfulness a part of every situation, even sad ones. Especially sad ones.

Bernie has a mission to see the world as playful, to be playful, to incorporate playfulness into everything you do. In this regard, his mission and mine are quite similar. In marriage counseling, one of the main aspects that helps determine how a couple is doing is their incorporation (or lack thereof) of playfulness in their relationship. Do they joke, hold hands, tickle, giggle, have inside jokes? How high is their playfulness quotient?

Even in tough times, like times of health issues or financial burden, how much playfulness can you inject to keep spirits and energy afloat?

A recent post revealed that Bernie has a terminal cancer. He will die within a year. Yet he is still forwarding his mission of fun and playfulness for his legacy to live on even after he does not. This legacy is the same for couples. Your playfulness quotient will live on in the relationships that your children have, long after you are gone. Modeling is essential for kids to embed lessons and patterns into their lives. Bernie is an amazing model.

Let’s all pray for Bernie, go to his site and see all he has done to lift the fun quotient in our lives, and make sure that his playful, fun legacy indeed lives on and not just survives, but thrives.

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MFT3 Closed Tuesday 3/14/2017

Well, we’ve been waiting for the “big one” and it looks like it will be here tomorrow.

In anticipation of the blizzard, MFT3 will be closed Tuesday 3/14/2017 and depending on how everything plays out, we may be closed Wednesday the 15th as well. Please check with your individual therapist for further clarification.

Stay safe and warm folks!

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Celebrating 8 Years!

Well, we did it again. Another anniversary!

MFT3 is 8 years old and going strong!

We are so privileged to work with such amazing clients, people who invite us into their most intimate details and trials – and triumphs.

We have new faces from time to time but the core MFT3 philosophy runs deep in all of us and in what we do. We believe that people are stuck, not sick, and that belief gives us access to the tools of possibility, change, pattern recognition, editing and redefinition.

2017 is starting off with great energy and growth. We are proud to be Fairfield County’s largest Brainspotting resource. With 3 trained practitioners, and a larger referral network, we hope to bring deeper and swifter healing to more and more clients.

We continue to be humbled by your trust. We hope you know just how much we cherish it.

And, again, our little cat SallieMae is 10 years old today. My how the time flies!

So to continue with tradition, here’s another favorite. The King of 8!


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A Fond Farewell

After 5 1/2 wonderful years, it is with heavy hearts that we bid our dear colleague and friend, Lisa Fournier, a fond farewell.

Fret not, she isn’t going far. She will be joining her partner at Fairfield Family Therapy located at 140 Sherman Street in Fairfield, CT.

Lisa will be in the MFT3 offices until late March, closing up cases and transferring clients to the new location. She is no longer accepting new clients in Trumbull.

Please join us in wishing her well. She will be missed!!

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MFT3 Closed 2/9/2017 for Snow

Joe Snowdrift

Well, it’s official. We are closing up shop tomorrow for the impending storm.

Please, everyone, stay warm and dry inside after making some snow angels.

We will be back up and running Friday 2/10/2017.

Please contact your individual therapist if the need arises.

And, just because, here’s a little song for your snow day listening pleasure…


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The First Step is the Hardest

This past weekend we watched this short video.

I find it to be a perfect encapsulation of the fear and trepidation we fill ourselves with when we are contemplating doing something outside of our comfort zones. We can “psych” ourselves into or out of just about anything.

It is a fun watch. It brought me back to being a kid and taking turns jumping off the boathouse roof, or the rock cliffs up the lake from us. The first time, each time, it’s always scary. It’s a long way up, or down, depending on your perspective. But after that final burst of courage and the leap, and then the safe fun fall and splash down, you almost couldn’t climb up fast enough to do it again. And again. And again.

The first –anything– is the hardest. It gets vastly easier with practice, repetition, familiarity and an accumulation of results.

Go ahead – Jump!

(here’s a video of the cliffs I used to jump off as a kid!)

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Join Us in Welcoming Valerie to MFT3!

Please join us in welcoming our newest therapist to the MFT3 family.

Valerie Le Cann Jones, LMFT comes to us with a deep background in addictions, domestic violence, trauma and family dynamics. She is a Licensed MFT from Fairfield University and she is also working days as the Survivor Care Navigator at the Newtown Center for Support and Wellness.

Valerie works with individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and families who have been advised to undergo testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Additionally, she helps families and individuals who want to build a family using third party parenting techniques, either as a result of infertility or in the case of same-sex couples.

Valerie is currently accepting Husky (Medicare) insurance and self-pay clients. She will be at MFT3 on Thursday evenings and on Saturdays and can be reached via e-mail, or by phone at 203-416-6008, x603.

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