And so it’s time to say Goodbye

We all knew this day would come, sometime, someday. All roads do end. And so here it is.

I have closed MFT3, my beloved little practice in Trumbull, CT.

10 years as Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull. It has been the most amazing honor to be of service to this community. I have such profound thanks for all of our brave and strong clients who came through our doors and asked us for assistance and support in their journeys. Whether the journey be long or short, we have been honored and grateful to be a part of it.

My new life, new practice and new horizons in New Hampshire’s Upper Valley have been amazing. We have the gift of being near my parents. We have a beautiful new home. My practice is thriving, the community has embraced both me and Brainspotting in such a warm and friendly way, things have been transforming better and faster than I ever could have imagined.

I just finished my first solo Brainspotting 3-day Phase 1 training, the second Phase 1 I have organized in the year we have been here!

All of these guideposts and signs show us that we are in the right place, and that MFT3 can now be thanked and let go.

So join me as I bid farewell to my beloved little practice, my MFT3, and remember all of the powerful and vulnerable transformations that happened within its four walls. And then hold those memories, tools, reflections, tears and belly laughs and see where they take you next. Mine took me to New Hampshire.

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Read This!

I was introduced to this book on the Brainspotting with Veterans closed Facebook group. I just bought it, $0.99, and it is truly amazing! The author, Barry Zworestine, has made this gift available for such a low price, please look into it.

Even though it is written by and for veterans, it is adaptable and relevant to most humans with trauma, addiction, PTSD, relationship struggles, athletes and on and on. I am so excited to have found this small but truly gem-like tool. I am going to share it as far and wide as I can!

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We have news! Betsy Auray has decided to move on to her next adventure in Westport and we wish her well in this new endeavor! It’s been a great ride, Betsy! Her new contact is betsy [at] betsyauray [dot] com and her phone is 203-394-3827. If you have further questions, please call Mindy (x606) or Katherine (x602) and ask how we can help.

Susan is also moving on and we wish her well.

And Mindy is really getting underway as our newest full-time practitioner, along with Emily who is also full-time. Please don’t hesitate to call or e-mail Mindy for couples, individual or adolescent sessions.

(and Katherine is really enjoying New Hampshire life!)

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Change is Constant

Happy Spring everyone! It sure took it’s sweet time getting here this year. I hope that the change in season helps lighten spirits and shift focus.

Speaking of change, we are going through our own here at MFT3!

Mindy Natale, LMFT

Mindy Natale, LMFT

First, we are so very pleased and proud to announce that we have a new addition! Please join us in welcoming Mindy Natale, LMFT to the practice. Mindy comes to us from Milford where she has been not only a clinician but a program director as well. She is divine beyond divine and I am hoping that she can start to fill my shoes here at MFT3.

Which brings me to change number two: I am further paring down my time here in Connecticut. I have been so warmly embraced by the Upper Valley community and I have become busier much faster than I had anticipated. So I will be meeting with my lovely loyal and dedicated clients and put together plans for transition.

My hope is that many will choose to meet with Mindy and see if she may be a good fit going forward, for the next chapter in your journey of healing and growing. Mindy works with kids, couples, families and individuals. She will be here predominately daytime, starting next week! She can be reached at mindy [at] mft3 [dot] com or at 203-416-6008, x606. We just know you will be as impressed with her as we are.

I know change is hard, that’s why this occupation exists for heaven’s sake. But maybe the work we have done together can be expanded by looking at how, even though you have opened up to one therapist, you can take that same mindset and shift it to opening up to a new therapist, someone with similar – and different – perspectives and gifts.

MFT3 isn’t going anywhere. We still boast (at least in my humble opinion) some of the most talented and dedicated therapists in Fairfield County. Our commitment to the community that has trusted us is unfaltering. Please feel free to contact me directly with questions or clarifications. -Katherine

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Our Ninth Anniversary!!!

MFT3 is Nine! Today is our ninth anniversary of being a respected mental health resource in the Trumbull/Fairfield area. We are so proud to offer the best we can to all of our trusting clients, and to be able to see such miraculous stories and witness lives change and unfold before us. We are humbled to be of service. We are ever grateful for your choosing us.

Please join us in celebrating this major milestone, and in entering in our tenth year! A full decade!

As always, never hesitate to contact us and ask questions, seek referrals, double check schedules as these do change from time to time. Check out informative links posted on Facebook and on our Blog. We are always adding services and specialties too. Let us know what you need going forward as well.

Nine is a square number, a perfect square. It is one of my favorite numbers as it is my birthday number. Here’s a little fun to help celebrate the milestone, and the number 9.

And seeing as we are celebrating, it is our little crazy kitty SallieMae’s 11th birthday today as well. She is a stinker, and we love her dearly. Happy Birthday to SallieMae too!

For Emily, Betsy, Valerie, Susan and of course me, Katherine, we thank you and can’t wait for the next milestone.

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February Scheduling Changes

As February bears down on us, Katherine is further reducing her hours at MFT3.

She will only be in Connecticut every-other week beginning in February, maintaining her Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday availability.

On the off weeks, she is building her new life and new practice in New Hampshire! And she is bringing the brain/body healing of Brainspotting to the Upper Valley region of Vermont and New Hampshire as well.

Don’t hesitate to contact Katherine with questions or scheduling clarifications at 203-416-6008 x602.

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Brainspotting Services Growing at MFT3

We are pleased to be able to offer even more clients the wonderful brain/body based neurophysiological healing of Brainspotting.

Adding to Katherine and Emily as practitioners, Betsy Auray has just completed her Phase 1 and Phase 2 training in Brainspotting.

Please don’t hesitate to contact any one of us for scheduling your Braisnpotting sessions.

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MFT3 Quick Updates

Everyone is cheering for our own Betsy Auray to kick some butt this weekend at the New York City Marathon!!! Join us in cheering for her and this amazing effort!

Katherine is still at MFT3 3-days a week, Tues-Thurs. Their New Hampshire house is coming along and the process is amazingly exciting. Katherine is still accepting Brainspotting clients at MFT3 due to the much shorter nature of the process.

As always, we are grateful for your choosing us to help navigate life’s twists and turns with you. Enjoy the Fall weather!

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Changes at MFT3

As in all things, changes are happening around the offices of MFT3.

First, Katherine is reducing her hours in CT as she is building a practice in New Hampshire, kTherapy, in Hanover, NH. Katherine will still be in the CT offices on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9-6 starting August 8, 2017. She will be in her New Hampshire location on Mondays starting August 14, 2017.

Susan Sherrick, MS, LPC

With this transition we also are pleased and proud to announce that Susan Sherrick, MS, LPC has joined us at MFT3. Susan brings an amazing skill set to the area. She loves working with kids, parents and families, dealing with trauma, domestic abuse and addiction issues. Susan is also fluent in Spanish, a real bonus for clients in our area. Susan is at the MFT3 offices on Saturdays and some evenings. As need expands so will her availability.

Betsy is also expanding her hours at MFT3. Betsy specializes in couples work, be it repairing and rebuilding relationships or safely and productively dissolving them. She also has a passion for working with teens. Betsy has weekday, evening and Saturday availability.

Valerie is at the MFT3 offices on Thursday evenings and Saturdays. Valerie specializes in assisting women in personal and health transitions, specifically issues dealing with breast and reproductive health. Valerie is also passionate about working with young adults and couples.

And last but not least, Emily is our child therapy expert. Emily also proudly offers Brainspotting therapy for kids and adults, enabling them to move through stuck patches in their lives and to process traumas non-verbally, greatly reducing any re-traumatizing that can come with talking about such tough experiences. Emily is at the MFT3 offices on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

As always we are all deeply grateful for the privilege and opportunity to serve our clients. We are proud to be a 9-year service provider in the area. Please don’t hesitate to contact us to see how we may be able to help you and your loved ones.

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Please, please listen to this.

We help so many clients come off of psychopharmaceuticals that are sloppily and carelessly overprescribed. So many.

Please listen to Dr. Kelly Brogan on why everyone needs to think twice before taking another Rx.

008 – Kelly Brogan, MD: A Mind of Your Own

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