MFT3 Closed 2/9/2017 for Snow

Joe Snowdrift

Well, it’s official. We are closing up shop tomorrow for the impending storm.

Please, everyone, stay warm and dry inside after making some snow angels.

We will be back up and running Friday 2/10/2017.

Please contact your individual therapist if the need arises.

And, just because, here’s a little song for your snow day listening pleasure…


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The First Step is the Hardest

This past weekend we watched this short video.

I find it to be a perfect encapsulation of the fear and trepidation we fill ourselves with when we are contemplating doing something outside of our comfort zones. We can “psych” ourselves into or out of just about anything.

It is a fun watch. It brought me back to being a kid and taking turns jumping off the boathouse roof, or the rock cliffs up the lake from us. The first time, each time, it’s always scary. It’s a long way up, or down, depending on your perspective. But after that final burst of courage and the leap, and then the safe fun fall and splash down, you almost couldn’t climb up fast enough to do it again. And again. And again.

The first –anything– is the hardest. It gets vastly easier with practice, repetition, familiarity and an accumulation of results.

Go ahead – Jump!

(here’s a video of the cliffs I used to jump off as a kid!)

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Join Us in Welcoming Valerie to MFT3!

Please join us in welcoming our newest therapist to the MFT3 family.

Valerie Le Cann Jones, LMFT comes to us with a deep background in addictions, domestic violence, trauma and family dynamics. She is a Licensed MFT from Fairfield University and she is also working days as the Survivor Care Navigator at the Newtown Center for Support and Wellness.

Valerie works with individuals who have been diagnosed with breast cancer and families who have been advised to undergo testing for the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes. Additionally, she helps families and individuals who want to build a family using third party parenting techniques, either as a result of infertility or in the case of same-sex couples.

Valerie is currently accepting Husky (Medicare) insurance and self-pay clients. She will be at MFT3 on Thursday evenings and on Saturdays and can be reached via e-mail, or by phone at 203-416-6008, x603.

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It’s a good day

sunshineWe are thrilled to announce that Emily and Mike Longo’s daughter, Violet, came into the world safely and healthily today!!!

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Men and Intimacy

This s a great podcast by Sean Croxton with his therapist, Matthew Sanders, regarding men, perceptions and how to embrace intimacy.


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Fall Updates

Fall ColorsFall is upon us and I am giddy with delight. I love Fall, back-to-school, the colors and the smells, pumpkins, leaves, I love all of it. And with the changing of the seasons, I want to announce some updates here at MFT3.

First, we are pleased to announce that we now accept more insurances. For a complete list of which therapist is accepting what insurance, please see their individual pages.

Emily is now accepting Anthem BC/BS, Connecticare, United HealthCare, Oxford and Tricare.

And all of us still gladly accept Husky (Medicaid).

stork-delivering-baby-girlNext, we are also eagerly anticipating the November due date of Emily’s next child. Please also note that she will be out on maternity leave from November 11, 2016 until January 9, 2017. We wish her and her family joy and health with their daughter’s impending arrival!

And I am also pleased to announce that I, Katherine, am fully certified in Brainspotting and am currently focusing on using it as much as possible with current and future clients. I am also beginning to plan the development of the New England Brainspotting Institute. Stay posted for development updates.

Betsy is focusing on building a larger presence here at MFT3 as well. Please don’t hesitate to contact her for new client referrals.

We look forward to continuing to serve you!

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Summer Resource

Here’s an update from a great local summer resource:

Children’s Therapy and Learning Center : Summer Camp 2016

Our mission is to support all children in achieving greater success in academic performance and social participation.

Session 1: Week of August 15, 2016 -The Art of Learning

Session 2: Week of August 22, 2016- The Bridge to Academics

Camp will run Monday through Thursday from 9am – 11:30pm.

The last hour (11:30am – 12:30pm) will be Chat and Chew social group. Children bring a bag lunch. This will be a supervised social skills group targeting areas including conversational starters, turn-taking, topic maintenance, eye contact and body language, and a coordinated follow-up activity in a supportive environment.

Camp Cost: $260.00 per session

Chat and Chew: $80.00 per session

Session 1: The Art of Learning
Discover new ways to problem solve and take estimated risks in both creative and academic settings. Targeted areas will include reading, comprehension, verbal expression, creative movement, sensory processing and writing skills.

Maximum Enrollment: 8-10 students

Session 2: The Bridge to Academics
Enhance your child’s reading, writing, math, speech, language, motor, sensory and social skills to improve grades, performance, self esteem and confidence in academic and social situations.

Maximum Enrollment: 8-10 students

Call CTLC now at 203-908-4433 to secure your child’s place. A non- refundable deposit of a $100 is required and will be applied toward the camp fee. The remaining balance is due by the first day of camp.

Occupational Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Tutoring will be available following the camp program.

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Love Wins

Love Wins

It seems, when one tunes in to the news, that we are being bombarded with tragedy after tragedy. In some ways we aren’t, there is a lot of fear-mongering out there, but unfortunately we are suffering from some tragedies too.

The Orlando massacre is extremely difficult to digest. Hate is ugly. Plain and simple. Guns are a real issue in our society. Plain and simple. Clients have been triggered with old traumas being re-ignited by yet this, the latest in a series of “formerly unimaginable” events – now imaginable. It has been busy in our offices to lay the least.

But then came this bright spot of calm clarity, reasoned perspective. From my dear colleague and friend, Nelba Marquez-Greene, a fellow LMFT in CT who tragically lost her daughter in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Her interview on NPR, and her viral letter of “what to expect” to the Orlando victims, rises above the fray with clear reason and honest facts.

I am personally heartbroken to hear this amazing lady apologize that her efforts at reform haven’t been enough. Her loss, her suffering, their lives completely redefined – and yet she is apologizing for not having been more successful. She is an amazing woman.

I hate that I have to share this, but I do so in the outlandish hope that maybe one more small bit can add to the rest and finally become “enough”.


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On Hiding

We were listening to music this morning and as I ate my scrambled eggs and toast, this song played.

It struck me as fittingly appropriate for clients coming to therapy.

They have been hiding; from pain, from fear, from truths, from abuse, from success, from failure – and then they come in to therapy and are ready to stop hiding.

Our role as therapists is to assist them in the journey from hiding to no longer hiding.

I like this.


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Trees, Going Slow, and What’s Really Important

I have been pondering this post for some time. The usual interruptions have occurred, attention gets drawn away. Not today.

mapleWe have seen a real increase in clients coming in who are more depressed, anxious and unsettled than ever before. I personally blame it on technology and media. I recommend to each and every client to turn off their TV sets, just step away, there’s nothing but fear mongering and alarmist screeching and it’s affecting the masses negatively.

One way I help myself stay grounded amidst this maelstrom of negativity is to reflect and meditate on my favorite tree right outside my home office window. It’s a large, old Japanese Maple. Its bark is smooth, weathered, slightly twisted. It reminds me very much of an elephant. It is steady regardless of the changing political landscape, or the weather. It is not influenced by cellphones or texting. In fact it represents the antithesis of all of that. It’s the opposite of immediate gratification, it is the embodiment of going slow and staying the course. Its roots are deep, it has lost branches over time yet each year it buds, leafs and transitions again and again. My favorite time is fall when the leaves steadfastly turn a brilliant scarlet and the front rooms of our home are bathed in a rosy glow. And every year the beautiful leaves wither, fall, only to return once again.

As much as we perceive being in constant contact with one another as a positive, I rebel against this assumption. I see the negative effects of too-fast every day. Too much can go sideways in a moment, while the time it takes to digest and reflect is often dismissed as old fashioned and outdated.

With adolescents in sessions we often ponder the difference between Google and World Book Encyclopedia. One is instant, and undoubtedly has more updated and current information in it, but it also has misinformation equally readily available. The Encyclopedia had to be taken off the shelf, searched through, read and re-written by hand or typewriter. There was time to digest and reflect. Now students are so reliant on wikis that the reflection and digestion phase has been eliminated resulting in a lot of regurgitation and not much learning.

red carpetKind of like my tree. It takes time to turn leaves into dirt to be re-absorbed and feed itself year after year. There is art  and beauty to the slowness of the process. There is time to enjoy each stage of the process: the bright green buds, the whirligigs that fall that feed birds and squirrels, the deep green summer leaves that provide shelter to birds and that whisper in the breeze, the scarlet in fall that screams “look at me! look at me!”, the carpet of fallen leaves that the worms wiggle through and digest into more soil.

If going slow makes me old fashioned, and in so being I get to keep company with my Japanese Maple, then I’m happy to be here.

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