June is GLBT Pride Month!

June is GLBT Pride month, and we at MFT3 would like to offer some resources for GLBT families and friends on their rich and unique journey.

There are many services offered right here in CT, particularly the Triangle Community Center located at 16 River Street in Norwalk. You can visit their website at www.ctgay.org or contact them by phone at (203) 853-0600. Learn more about their events, groups, volunteer opportunities, and scholarships or read their newsletter and search their on-line resources.

Access PFLAG meetings for parents and family of lesbians and gays by e-mailing pflagswct [at] yahoo [dot] com or visiting www.pflag.org.

Also for those husbands and wives that have faced the struggle of a spouse coming out, visit www.straightspouse.org for support, book recommendations for adults and children and pertinent information about navigating this sensitive family transition. You can explore this topic further with the book “Living Two Lives: Married to a Man, In Love with a Woman”, by Joanne Fleisher.

We hope that this may be the first step in connecting GLBT individuals and families to valuable services that may enrich their experience.

Of course, MFT3 is also a resource for those seeking individual, couple or family therapy when a family member or members is dealing with some of the difficulties associated with coming out, developing support systems, and opening up the conversation in a new way. Don’t hesitate to contact us at info [at] mft3 [dot] com or at (203) 416-6008.

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