Suicide Always has Warning Signs — 3 Comments

  1. I agree with a lot of your points, but not one of them… there are not always warning signs. Some people don’t show signs because they genuinely don’t want “help”. They may not connect well with others, our they may simply be resigned to the “fact” (in their minds) that suicide is the best, or only option. I think saying that there are always signs can compound the undeserved guilt that many who are left behind feel. Sometimes, there are no signs. Often there are. Often there is that covert (or overt) cry for help. But sometimes it’s a quiet resignation and there’s no warning at all.

  2. Indeed, suicide is a very painful tragedy both for the family and the person who committed it. I agree when you said that when a person tries to commit suicide, this is really because he wants to be helped, but either no one is there to do so or he just can’t simply say it out loud. Either way, I hope it will never be too late for that person. Thank you for sharing such significant information. I hope that whoever sees these suicidal signs present in a person, they will try do remember the things you said in this article. Keep it up!

  3. Maybe the idea of “signs” I should elaborate on. They aren’t always as obvious as one may hope for, they can be quiet subtle changes in a person and they might be quick, too. Maybe the lack of time is one unspoken barrier to the problem. It’s often about trusting the small gut instinct voice and not rationalizing or minmizing it, as our society is so often eager to do. Suicide has so much arms-length reaction that small signs may go unrecognized. It’s a scary topic for sure and there’s no guarantee that intervention will stop someone who is committed to the goal. But we must try.

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