Weathering an Unspeakable Tragedy

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, the killings in the elementary school of Sandy Hook, CT, I keep finding myself at a loss for words. I am numb, horrified, angered beyond belief, indignant, sad to a deep depth, and confused – all in an instant.

Even as a trained therapist, some things take time to take shape and to find footing. Of course, all of the therapists of MFT3, and in your community, are available for supporting those who desire it. I can’t imagine how the families directly affected are handling the new truth of their lives. I imagine the shock may last quite a long time.

Grief is a necessary process for all of us, even such an enormous and unfathomable grief. To try and deny the feelings only prolongs and complicates the process. Please, seek support, wherever you choose, to make the grief more manageable.

CTAMFT has posted a wonderful list of guidelines for steps into and through this crisis. The New York Times also has a wonderful resource here.

Remember that intrinsically our world is far more good than bad, yet bad still happens. My thoughts and prayers go out to all affected. Peace to one and all.

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