The week of February 11-15, 2013

Reactions to Nemo

Reactions to Nemo (via

Well, winter storm Nemo has surely left its mark on our area.

We hope that everyone is safe and sound. Please call your individual therapist to make sure that they are in fact able to get to the office.

As of noon Sunday, Katherine’s home street has not seen a plow yet and her 8-inch clearance snowblower, while amazingly valiant in its efforts, has only cleared 60% of half the driveway.

As of noon Sunday, Katherine is canceling all of her Monday (2/11) appointments.

As of 6pm Monday Katherine is still snowed in – no plows yet – so she is canceling all of her Tuesday (2/12) appointments.

Please, keep in touch.

Katherine – 203-416-6008 x602   e-mail Katherine
Audrey – 203-416-6008 x604   e-mail Audrey
Lisa – 203-416-6008 x605   e-mail Lisa

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