Some Changes for the New Year

iStock_insurance2015 is right around the corner!

MFT3 is making some changes to its insurance acceptances and we wanted to keep everyone updated.

Katherine Allen will no longer be taking the Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield family of plans and Audrey Bernstein will no longer be accepting the Aetna insurance plan beginning January 2015.

We have decided to make these changes for a variety of reasons, partly due to the poor reimbursements that managed care gives to behavioral health providers and partly due to an increasing intrusion of private insurers requesting case files and then having strangers review them and determine whether or not we are doing a good job, whether you still need therapy, or whether or not they want to pay us for what we have already done. It’s a changing landscape in healthcare these days and therefore we are paring down our enrollment in the insurance pool.

We know that this decision may impact your ability or decision to keep coming to therapy, may affect the frequency of sessions, but we truly feel that therapy is much more about education than mental illness and therefore this change is appropriate in that light. Having the therapeutic pace and focus stay between us – we feel – is vastly superior to having middle managers make that assessment for us, wouldn’t you agree?

Our commitment to providing high-quality services for those on state aid will not waver; we will all continue to accept the HUSKY family of plans for the foreseeable future.

Please don’t hesitate to speak with us privately about how this may impact your process.

We wish everyone a safe, joyful and peaceful holiday season!


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