MFT3: An Introduction



Welcome to the first post of the Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull (or MFT3 as we like to call ourselves) Blog!

MFT3 is a group practice of three female marriage and family therapists working in the community to assist families, couples, individuals and groups with a myriad of concerns including anxiety, depression, parenting, family dynamics and so much more.

You may be wondering; what is a marriage and family therapist? We are trained helping professionals much like counselors or social workers however we think about the people we see and the challenges that they come to us with systemically, or in other words we understand people and their challenges within the context of their family, work environment, community or culture. Our clients are understood to be stuck rather than sick which we believe immediately engenders hope and possibility rather than pathology or maintaining a self concept that defines people as ill.

Our hope is to use this blog as both an informational and an educational tool for our clients as well as the community at large. Please check in with us monthly as we blog about various topics that effect all of our lives.

April is Substance Abuse awareness month so please look for our post about how SA may be affecting you or someone you care about and to find useful links to local and national resources.

For more information about Marriage & Family Therapy of Trumbull please visit us at our website at or call us at 203-416-6008. Happy blogging!

CC BY-ND 2.0 photo credit: gr33ndata
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