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April is Substance Abuse (SA) awareness month. In this spirit, the therapists of MFT3 would like to share some thoughts about SA and its impact.

How can you tell if someone is losing control regarding alcohol or drugs? As a therapist, I have yet to meet a family or client that has not been impacted by the effects of SA in their lives, be it themselves, a family member, a close friend or colleague. Some of the warning signs are: isolating one’s self, “needing” one more drink than everyone else, making excuses as to why or how much one is drinking or using drugs, arriving at a social event already having drank or used drugs on one’s own and being “primed”, getting angry if there aren’t drugs or alcohol available at a social event.

These are just a few signs that a person may be struggling with SA. You may have seen these behaviors and others in yourself or a loved one. But know that if you suspect that something is off balance, it usually is.

Here are some useful and free links for information for you or someone you care about in regards to education about the signs and risks of SA, as well as places to seek help. And of course, the therapists at MFT3 are all experienced and available to assist you or someone you love should SA be an issue in your lives.

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