Lazy Days of Summer

What can we say about the last weeks of summer as everyone is adjusting to the new fiscal year, beginning to think about the fast approaching school year, and possibly even getting started on their holiday shopping?!!! It often feels like it’s over before it’s even begun. How do we remind ourselves, heck, even force ourselves to SLOW DOWN. Vacations become something to recover from when you return because they were packed with activities, not to mention the ten loads of laundry and pile of mail awaiting you at home. The sports, dance, art, music lessons and practices begin to fill up our afternoons, our evenings, our weekends. All of these are important contributions to the versatile lives we lead however there also has to be a point of letting go. Easier said than done, right?

This month, as the August days quickly pass, we at MFT3 encourage you and challenge you to examine your expectations of yourselves, your partners, and your children. Make a list of things that you can let go of, even if just for one week, one night, one hour. If you have to eat cold sandwiches or throw together a salad for dinner so that you can hang out on a blanket on the front lawn and have an impromptu picnic with your family, do that. If you have to leave the laundry for another day in order to take a walk after dinner with your spouse, do that too. Play a game rather than check your iPhone or blackberry for the hundredth time today. Take a bath rather than taking another hour to work from home. Listen to the laughter of your children, the sound of the stillness after everyone is settled for the night, or the wisdom of your grandparent who is surprised to hear from you unexpectedly.

These are all simple and natural remedies for the anxiety that we begin to carry around as a result of having unrealistic expectations of ourselves. This is also an anxiety that we can transmit to our children, our employees, and others in our lives that follow our lead. Once it’s time to gear up again, you can always be proactive and prepared so that you set the pace. Stay tuned to our blog for suggestions on how to enter the responsibilities ahead with a balanced approach and a planful state of mind.

Of course if these are issues that you struggle to get a handle on, we at MFT3 are happy to provide our assistance in managing the anxiety in your household or to establish structure that allows for each person’s needs to be met.

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