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We hope that you are enjoying our blog posts, interesting topics and useful information from us to you. So along those lines, today’s post is both on- and off-topic; please let us introduce “A Good Thing”; Nec-A-Nec Play tables.

Small rectangular table

See the adjustable legs? This table can support the weight of an adult.

Play tables? Yes, but not just any play tables. How about hand made, made in the US (right here in Connecticut), signed and numbered pieces of lasting, hand-me-down quality furniture playtables. How about (patented) height adjustable legs that will grow with your children, maybe even become a coffee table or an end table?

MFT3 is proud and fortunate enough to have 2 samples of these gorgeous pieces in our offices. Don McNeill, the designer and craftsman, is a friend and is using the “try and buy” methodology of selling these tables. He has them in several offices where children and families have to wait. What better way to test the durability and kid-friendliness of something? Don even made a triangular one for an unused corner of our office and both kids and adults alike gravitate to it instantly.

Please check out the Nec-A-Nec website, stop by the office for a “test run” and see for yourselves. In these times of creatively striving to make less go further, doesn’t a well made heirloom seem like a sound investment?

Disclaimer: MFT3 has no financial or personal stake in the sale or production of Nec-A-Nec play tables. We are just spreading the word about something we think you should know about, a good thing.

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