Opportunity Lost?

This is my response to the demands made by NOW regarding Paterson and domestic violence.

Throwing Baby out with Bathwater

I am an energetic and committed advocate for breaking the cycle and silence of domestic violence, but I feel like a major opportunity is being lost with all of these demands for Paterson to step down.

Isn’t it fascinating that even the Governor of NY has a flawed and skewed definition and possibly inappropriate response to an alleged domestic violence incident. What a ripe opportunity to make serious headlines and explode the educational potential of following the Governor on a quest for enlightenment. This could be the platform to educate in a new way, break old stereotypes and shatter myths.

Governor Paterson could truly be an advocate for change by admitting that he too is not above reproach and faulty decision making in this very shameful and scary cycle. While I see how and why NOW is reacting the way they are, I would put forth my viewpoint and see if that may spur real change for masses rather than just vilifying one more individual.

This could be the opportunity for Governor Paterson to do what Tiger Woods didn’t.

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