Love Wins

Love Wins

It seems, when one tunes in to the news, that we are being bombarded with tragedy after tragedy. In some ways we aren’t, there is a lot of fear-mongering out there, but unfortunately we are suffering from some tragedies too.

The Orlando massacre is extremely difficult to digest. Hate is ugly. Plain and simple. Guns are a real issue in our society. Plain and simple. Clients have been triggered with old traumas being re-ignited by yet this, the latest in a series of “formerly unimaginable” events – now imaginable. It has been busy in our offices to lay the least.

But then came this bright spot of calm clarity, reasoned perspective. From my dear colleague and friend, Nelba Marquez-Greene, a fellow LMFT in CT who tragically lost her daughter in the Sandy Hook school shooting. Her interview on NPR, and her viral letter of “what to expect” to the Orlando victims, rises above the fray with clear reason and honest facts.

I am personally heartbroken to hear this amazing lady apologize that her efforts at reform haven’t been enough. Her loss, her suffering, their lives completely redefined – and yet she is apologizing for not having been more successful. She is an amazing woman.

I hate that I have to share this, but I do so in the outlandish hope that maybe one more small bit can add to the rest and finally become “enough”.


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