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I know, I know, who wants to think about therapy when it’s beautiful outside and there are so many other fun things to do like chase fireflies and play in sprinklers and read a book in a hammock? But relationship and emotional issues don’t go away just because the temperature reaches 80-degrees. Sometimes the unstructured time can add to the problems and discord, and that’s where summertime therapy comes in.

So the kids are at home more now, your husband has “golf with the boss”, your neighbor’s windows are open and you can hear little Johnny’s drum set even more clearly, and let’s not forget the extra alcohol consumption that the hot weather seems to invite.

Coming in for sessions in the summer may seem like a drag at first but in reality it’s a great time for therapy. First, there are usually more slots open in a clinician’s roster due to all of the above reasons so getting a time you want is probably easier. Second, having a weekly appointment can help to keep some semblance of a routine which may be helpful if not downright necessary for kids (or adults) who function better with a steady, predictable routine. Sometimes summer can be a time to dread rather than celebrate for families with this issue. Third, having your budding teen learn about safe dating practices is always a great idea but now with more free time on their hands and skimpier clothing, this education may be a lifesaver. And finally, setting aside a block of time like “the summer” to focus on building new interactional skills, practicing intimacy building tools, resolving old haunting memories, really slow down and focus on yourself – summertime therapy can be a gift for a lifetime of better functioning.

So come on in and enjoy the air conditioning, the fireflies and s’mores will be there later.

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