A Thankful March



March has been shaping up as a banner month for MFT3 and we’d like to give a run-down of some of the highlights.

March started out with a message from the APA in which MFT3 has been chosen as a clinical field trial site for the upcoming DSM-5. This is a huge honor as MFTs have not been invited to this dance historically and with Katherine Allen, LMFT, in our little entity being among only 500 MFTs in the nation selected for this information gathering research process, well we feel pretty special about that. (here’s the FAQ)

Secondly came the great news that our associate, Erica Cannata, had sat for and successfully passed the MFT licensing exam. Horray Erica! So to her already lengthy list of credentials and accomplishments she has now added LMFT. I’m not sure we can fit all of the letters after her name on the new business cards, but just watch us make it happen!

Following this good news was the surprise honor when the AAMFT chose our blog post, “Therapy is actually hard work” as its “blog of the week“. Being recognized on the national level for our blog is such an exciting thing. To know that this typing and sending out into the world each month is being recognized is very satisfying, someone is paying attention and appreciating the thoughts and insights that we share for those who may be contemplating therapy or looking to supplement their ongoing therapy with more information. (and now that we realize there is a larger audience, we’ll be writing more!)

ugh, snow!

actual view from actual car

Katherine Allen is also running for a seat on the CTAMFT Board of Directors and the voting is scheduled to end on March 30. Cross your fingers for her, and fellow CTAMFT members if you haven’t yet voted please do so!

And finally, on a much lighter note, it’s great to see the epic Northeast snows of winter disappear and the first signs of spring emerge. We welcome the tulip and the Robin. It’s a nice reminder that the one constant in life is change, whether we want it or not.

In closing, we hope that if you find yourself feeling stuck, there is help out there and we are happy to take your calls and answer your questions.


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