Autumn is a time of falling leaves and new smells, battening down the hatches and preparing for winter, a time to reflect and regroup after the frenetic pace of summer and all of its activities. How appropriate that Thanksgiving is the major holiday of fall.

There is so much that comes with holidays, especially Thanksgiving; the emotions, the traditions, the family juggling, all amidst your own desire for a relaxing and reflective break. I have posted a bunch of fun and informative tweets regarding thoughts on Thanksgiving, check them out at

  • I am a lousy baker and quiver at the thought of making a pie from scratch, enjoy the Awl post which gave me a bit of hope.
  • I know that the “letter” has made the rounds but it’s a funny classic, enjoy. (If this is your family, we are booking appointments for Monday…)
  • My family is one of those grace-challenged ones so I especially liked the many ideas posed in the BlogHer post.
  • And giving back, after we reflect on all of the abundance that we really do have, is always a nice way to round out this thoughtful holiday, some nice ideas and links to explore.

Above all else, Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and give thanks first and foremost for you and then for all of the other bounty and challenge that life offers each one of us.

MFT3 wishes everyone a happy, safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

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