It’s Valentine’s Day

I know, so many people are offput by the somewhat contrived essence of Valentine’s Day, a Hallmark cash cow and one more way for those who are un-coupled to feel even more left out. I know, I know. But that’s why I liked today’s Modern Love column in the New York Times, Explaining the Irrational: Here Goes...

It offers a look at a lot of the pitfalls of being coupled, un-coupled or not-so-sure-what-we-are. Basically, relationships are hard, confusing and messy. They are a lot of work if you want a really good one and it can take a good deal of work to get an off-track one back on track, yet that still comes in far less expensively than the d-word.

So whatever your state of coupling may be, please accept my wish for you, a wish for love filled with desire, vulnerability and bravery.

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