Weathering winter’s wonders

Well, CT is being hit with the 3rd major snowstorm in 3 weeks, seems like we are getting good at this! Officially, the offices of MFT3 will be closed tomorrow, 1/12/2011 for safety’s sake.

But what some may see as adversity can be seen as a wonderful opportunity through a different lens. Mother Nature has us in her clutches, we are truly powerless over the weather. Yes, one may have 6 or 7 apps to keep abreast of the comings and goings of the weather, but all in all we are still ineffective at doing anything about it. We can whine and grumble and complain or we can embrace the fascinating opportunities each change holds for us.

Plan for that day off, gather friends and ingredients and make forts and later have cookies and hot cocoa, gather together and just be with one another. Relish all of nature’s strength and beauty, even down to the smallest delicate details of a snowflake.

I have been reflecting on recent sad events in our world; the Arizona shootings and the suicide of a popular web personality, Bill Zeller. What do these two sad events have to do with winter weather? Well, powerlessness of course.

When we are confronted by what we believe to be unchangeable or overwhelming events or stimulus, sometimes the human being can retreat into a state of constant fear and panic. Interestingly, the best way to manage powerlessness is to embrace it. No, we don’t have power over the weather, or what others may do to us, but that doesn’t make us powerless over how we handle it. I wish Bill had found some good therapy, I wish the shooter had done the same. We do have power over what we tell ourselves these random events mean. We always have the power to find help, to invite in another person and “share our rocks”.

If you or anyone you know seems to be struggling with darkness and despair, please help them find help. Whether at MFT3 or elsewhere, the most important step is the first one, into a therapist’s office.

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