MFT3’s 3rd Anniversary!

MFT3 is 3!

MFT3 is 3!

MFT3 is 3! (or as my mother would say, “you’ve entered your fourth year, hunny”.)

Today is the day, three years ago exactly, that the doors to MFT3 were opened.

I am so proud to still be here 3 years later, to be so blessed to have so many clients that choose us to help them in their personal relationships, and to have such great colleagues to share this time and space with. In some ways today feels like it arrived in an instant and in other ways the distance and length of the journey seem immeasurable.

MFT3 is proud and so grateful to have become a name and resource that is trusted in Trumbull and we look forward to serving this and the surrounding towns and communities for many years to come.

As a little anniversary treat, please enjoy this Schoolhouse Rock clip, “3 is a Magic Number”, one of my very favorites from when I was a little girl, and I guess today too.

Life can be hard – we can help.

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