Episode 2 “This Emotional Life” Powerful!

This Emotional LifeEpisode 2 of PBS’s “This Emotional Life” series looks at emotions that are commonly regarded as obstacles to happiness — such as anger, fear, anxiety, and despair. At first blush these seem like pretty heavy topics, don’t I already know all about them, how much enjoyment can I get out of this show when I don’t have those problems?

The thing that this episode, “Facing Our Fears” so poignantly expresses is that we all do have all of these feelings, but what to do when they become unmanageable? And what does unmanageable look like, really?

As a therapist I am proud of PBS for being so thorough and explicit, going to the tough place and shedding light into some commonly dark corners. I will be using these episodes as resources for current and future clients as a launching pad for conversations about grief, trauma, depression, fear, how families of the afflicted can be affected and more.

I cannot wait to see tonight’s last episode. I hope you tune in as well. If you missed episode 2, click here to view the entire 2-hour show.

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