A Thought about Thanks

courtesy of simplysplendiferous.com

courtesy of simplysplendiferous.com

It happens every year, but the Thanksgiving and winter holidays tend to make many folks very sad and anxious. This in turn makes me quite sad because they are some of my most favorite days and memories.

Recently I was with a client and the following quote was shared with me. I find it to be almost perfect in its encapsulation of how today’s events can bring one right back to an old, dark place seemingly instantaneously. The quote is:

“I think much of who we are is based on the stories we tell ourselves. Events that happened in our childhoods, when we are the least able to control or process the events that happen to us can come back in the form of an endless loop that gets so embedded in our psyches that they become a lens that we view the rest of the world through.”

Thankfully, this is what therapy is all about – getting into those old stories and re-writing them. Sometimes it takes a guide to assist in this transformation, and that is what our job is all about.

Maybe the gift of this small quote can assist in releasing old, stuck thought patterns and begin to bring ease to difficult events in a new way.

We wish you peace, joy and safety this Thanksgiving, and every holiday.

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